ENGLISH TEACHING IN CYBERSPACE: Digital Literacies for Language Teachers Collecting Digital Teaching Resources and Materials


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Dr. Djoko Sutrisno, M.Pd.  

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Language  teachers  and  students  have  noticed  how  the  new 

learning  environments  are  more  convenient  and  have  the  potential  to 

provide better access to and delivery of language learning experiences. 

While distant language learning offers many new benefits, it also puts 

new demands on participants, requiring them to take on new roles and 

master new abilities. The field of distant language learning continues to 

be little recognised and understood, despite the increasing availability of 

online  teaching  possibilities  and  the  desire  to  take  use  of  them.  It  is 

frequently restrictedly defined as the creation of chances for language 

learning through technology. However, a lot of the major problems with 

distance language learning have to do with human variables, which are 

present in both high- and low-tech environments and come up as students 

try to create and sustain an efficient way of working in a online teaching 

context. The fundamental claim made here is that in order to comprehend 

language  learning  in  distant  education, it is critical  to  keep  the  actual 

learners in mind and investigate how they react to the challenges and 

opportunities it brings.